Brandon Tomasello was introduced to the performing arts at a young age. In the year 2000, when the charter school boom in Philadelphia began its ascent, young Brandon entered the Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School as a third grade student. Even in the school’s first year in existence, it enabled Brandon’s unique voice a place to be discovered.

In that very same year, he was offered a spot in the prestigious Philadelphia Boys’ Choir. During his two year tenure with them, he performed on a variety of stages. He was also given the opportunity to study the vocal arts under some of the most talented instructors in the city.

While he had always been naturally talented, Brandon’s love affair with music began when he was in the fourth grade. There was nothing unordinary when Brandon came home from school one particular spring day. As he entered his home, his grandmother was busy fixing dinner and was enjoying music as she worked. Brandon was immediately drawn toward the sound; more so than ever before. The sound resonating throughout the house was none other than the infamous Frank Sinatra.

After Brandon’s first encounter with “Ol’ Blue Eyes”, he longed to hear more. To quench his thirst, his grandmother spent countless hours with Brandon. They listened to his music while she would school Brandon on the world of “The Voice”.

After graduating from the Performing Arts Charter School in 2006, Brandon continued to pursue his love of music and the unique sound of Frank Sinatra on his own. He built himself a studio in his grandfather’s office building located behind their house. This talented young artist continues to pursue his musical career in this very studio today; beginning his own production company called FIMA and recording It’s My Time, the first album of many more to come.

Brandon Tomasello